• There are 3 ways to subscribe.

          The automotive landscape has changed. Subscribing is a flexible and cost-efficient alternative to leasing or financing a vehicle, don’t get stuck with long term leases or finance obligations!
        • Monthly LMP’s subscribe-To-Own program offers the flexibility of vehicle subscription along with the ability to own the vehicle you’ve chosen to subscribe.
          Weekly Check us out, unless you prefer one of those big airport rental companies where you'll pay more for a boring car. You’ll drive something interesting. And, you’ll save money!
          To Own It’s a great alternative to owning or leasing, without the hassles and long-term commitments. You have the flexibility to swap into a cheaper or more expensive vehicle on a monthly basis and your monthly payment will be adjusted accordingly.
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starting at $285 per month!

New & late model

economy, Premium, and luxury Subscriptions.

Subscribing to an automobile with LMP is kind of like leasing, but without the multi-year contractual commitment. At first, it starts out much like a lease: There is an activation payment – think of it as similar to a down payment when buying or leasing a car. Then, we set you up with a subscription, with set monthly payments, just like a lease or a loan.

With a month-to-month subscription, you have 3 options:

  • Continue subscribing to your vehicle
  • Swap to another vehicle of your choosing
  • Return the vehicle & walk away – no strings attached!

With LMP, driving is a commitment-free, hassle-free pleasure.
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